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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 9 months ago

Advice/opinion pls?

Basically i met this girl in summer class. We started hanging out and i grew feelings for her.

I asked her out 2 weeks ago and said shes not sure because she just got out of relationship and i said thats understandable. She eventually said she will give it a shot after class starts which is in monday.

Then friday we hungout, we talked about the dating thing again and said she doesnt see us long term because of culture clash. Shes indian and im south east asian. She also doesnt wanna be attached because due to her past experience, it didnt end up well so she doesnt wanma go through that during school. Shes attracted to me she says because of how i fit i am and she was surprised when i told her im attracted to her.

She also told me shes a mess and i deserve way better than her. I made her elaborate on it and she got emotional explaining it. Then she hugged me like pretty tight after the talk.

I became distant after this talk and she now initiates most of communication. Plan to study with me, workout and she even asked for my class schedule to see when I'm free.

I mean were in good terms but now shes the one doing most initiating

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Like most boys/men you cannot accept a genuine statement and so sulk at the very fact you've be rejected despite knowing the person wasn't lying to you. You might feel that you now have the advantage, but be careful what you wish 4 as you might invariably turn this girl/woman into a Bunny Boiler.

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