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Can women be desperate?

So I went to this night club last night bymyself and I found this really hot milf. I guess I got lucky cuz there were so so many men approaching her. So we were dirty dancing but the interesting part that she was putting her hand inside my jeans to grab my d ick. I thought it was weird since I never had this experience. I was getting really turned on and I saw how clear her signs were so I told her to go to my car. She said no let's go inside the restroom together I ignored her request and took her to my car. Cuz I didn't want to f uck her with other ppl looking I thought how weird is that. So We had sex in my car. Ii felt like she was desperate or something

1 Answer

  • Alex
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    only when they turn a certain age

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