Did Trainspotting and the Heroin Scene in Pulp fiction influence people to try Heroin.?

heroin seemed to get more popular around about that time , so did these movies influence people to try it?

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  • LilyRT
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    11 months ago
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    heroin made a comeback after the US invaded Afghanistan, got rid of the taliban (which had banned farming poppy) and opened the door for an increase in heroin production. had nothing to do with those two movies.

  • Mike W
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    11 months ago

    If anything, Trainspotting, convinced people to not try heroin.

  • 11 months ago

    have you actually SEEN Trainspotting?!

    It portrays the subject as horrid trip down the drain. there is no reason anyone watching the movie should think "oh hey i should try shooting up some Ectasy or heroin or speed", the movie makes it very clear that for every joyful shot there is price to be payed and very quickly the price becomes too much.

    so NO it did not inspire people to take up narcotics, much in same vein as violence in entertainment dose not inspire violence in real world.

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