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Need a background story of two contemporary dancers with a twist please help?

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    Okay here we go:

    The first dancer is called Esmeralda Silvanus, and she's a Gypsy assasin who joined the troupe because doing so would provide her with the opportunity to exact revenge on the mafia boss Lukas Deranian, the man who killed her brother, Vano, as Deranian never misses an opportunity to indulge in his favourite past-time - attending contemporary dance performances.

    The second dancer is Petronella, who unbeknownst to either of them, is Lukas Deranian's daughter.

    Under Petronella's tutelage, Esmeralda struggles to attain a level of skill that might give her some legitimacy in the troupe, and as she improves she inches closer and closer to her goal of killing Deranian. But a chain of events no one can stop will inevitably result in Petronella learning the truth...

    Which will win out in the end - Esmeralda's burning vengeance or Petronella's loyalty to the man she has just learned is her real father? Will the girls stay loyal to their principles, or to one another?

    I call it "One False Step."

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