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Why are capricorns and virgos always attracted to me?

I always seems to attract people who either have their sun or rising in capricorn. My sun sign is libra, moon sign is taurus, and my rising is cancer. I'm dominant in libra, followed by taurus and then capricorn. I have mostly fire and earth signs and I'm lacking in fire signs. I love earth signs, but I find that I fight with them more than any other type of sign.

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  • Snoopy
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    5 months ago

    Idk I only like Pisces.

    I think moon in Virgo is nice so maybe sun in Virgo will be nice but I may be wrong. I know a positive Capricorn and she has Taurus moon and Aquarius dominant but she's the only one.

    I think Aquarius is the least depressing in general which makes you depressed if you were an Aquarius. Pisces seem like happy go lucky but it's strange they are considered water signs as water signs are depressing. Fire signs can be depressing but some Sagittarius love adventures.

    Scorpios are up and down in mood.

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  • 5 months ago

    Because you sound like you attract trash. If you're a guy.

    Capricorns are alright

    • Ana5 months agoReport

      Welp I'm not. And thanks.

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  • 5 months ago

    stop. stop. just. stop.

    • Ana5 months agoReport

      You didn't need to answer. No need to be a dick.

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