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What are the most practical options I can take to have a more successful career?

Background: I m 30, I went to a 4 year university for 3 years. But went for the wrong reasons, barely passed classes, got in trouble with the law, moved to California to get away from bad habits in 2013. Got a job as a sheet metal fabricator and worked in a shop for 4 years. Made a bad decision and lied about something and lost my job. 2 years ago started working for a better company, large industrial metal Fabrication mainly as a sandblaster, but also do sanding, and chemical washing of parts prior to paint. I make 45000 a year and have great benefits. But with car payment and other Bill s, I rent a room from someone and would struggle too much having my own apartment. (San Diego is outrageous) My issue is I want a family and to own a home so I need to advance. I m practically stuck where I m at in my company. My question is, what would be my best option. Go to community college for welding, or maybe electrician work, something like that? Start completely over in a 4 yr university maybe even online for some kind of engineering degree ? Or just get another brainless job somewhere ? I feel so stuck and it scares me. I know what I want in life but dont know how I can get it in my current situation. I m 30, I need to act fast. I need to set small goals to achieve my big goals but really I dont even know where to start. I lose sleep stressing on being 40 renting a room from someone and still sandblasting! And if I don t act now, that will be my reality. What would you do?

2 Answers

  • ricky
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    I’d get a part time job cleaning swimming pools. Learn how to work on motors, heaters, salt generators and controls. Take an electrical class. In one year, after passing the pool state test, open up your own pool repair company. Contact several home warranty companies, and they will send you customers. Any pools where you live? There are courses available that will help you pass the state test.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago


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