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What really can protect against EMF radiation? Shungite stone or orgonite pyramid of epoxy resin?

In shungite, fullerenes c60, which help against EMF. Here you can learn more from Karelia https://shungite-c60.com/what-is-shungite/ And what helps in epoxy?


I mean the report of the commission of physicists on their official website:


I am not inclined to exaggerate around this problem, but still we are constantly surrounded by electrical appliances. So what bothers me about what they write in that article.

I heard about shungite that it has the ability to stop emf radiation. I tend to trust him more than orgonite.

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    The Faraday cage is a great idea. A Faraday cage is made of conductive material. It is known that shungite is a conductor. It all fits together.

    Even before the beginning of the story of protection against EMF radiation in the USSR in the 70s, shungite (in the form of shungizite) was used in the construction of panels to provide insulation. However, it is still used in construction.

    To date, it has been proven that carbon in shungite absorbs emf radiation. The Internet is full of video evidence to this effect. shungite absorbs emf radiation thanks to the special molecules of fullerene c60, which is contained in it.

    Among other things, fullerene nanomolecules are used in the nuclear industry, it is added to improve the insulating properties of materials.

    I can't say the same about orgonite, there is no scientific evidence for it.

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  • Mark
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    9 months ago

    A Faraday cage.

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  • 10 months ago

    A faraday cage can protect you, probably.

    • Jill10 months agoReport

      It's too bulky...

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  • 10 months ago

    Can you show that 'EMF radiation' is a problem that needs to be protected against?

    Can you show that the materials you mention actually do anything useful?

    We are all bathed in electromagnetic radiation all the time. I know of no sound evidence it is harmful.It is unavoidable unless we deep under ground and way from anything electrical.

    There will always be snake-oil salesmen trying to sell us a bogus solution to a made-up problem. The trick is not to be one and not to believe them.

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