Any help on lower body and feet extremely itchy at night?

I’ve had sleeping issues for the last few years like this but it seems to be getting crazier. At night my lower body (mainly my feet) get extremely itchy. I’ve had some jobs that have caused me to have crazy sleep schedules in the past (working 16 hour days like 6am-10pm or 2pm-6am) and still couldn’t sleep. But now I’m at a job where I work 10am-7pm and tend to stay up until midnight on work days and later on off days. I’m just curious if my sleep habits could be causing the itch or if it could be some other underlying issue. On average because of this it takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to fall asleep. I have to sleep with a blanket between my legs and usually push my feet against a wall or something hard for an extended period of time while lying down to actually get the itch to subside and to fall asleep. Any other experiences or answer would be much appreciated on what the issue could be.

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  • LP7
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    5 months ago

    Could be circulation issues.But it is not good to be standing up for so long without a break.Try putting your feet up higher than waist level on a stool whenever possible.It helps with blood circulation and less strain on the heart muscles.Soak your feet in epson salts warm water in bucket on weekends for an hour or so and tub a good herbal cream on them for nourishment afterward.Don't take for granted the value of your feet that supports the rest of your body.Also foot massage.Treat them like a baby and you may get some relief.

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