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Are Shias really believers?

They request help from their Imams. Isn't it Shirk?


Ya Ali Madad

Ya Mahdi Adrekni

Or Iranians say the Imam Reza heals the sick


It is against Torah's ten commandments to put someone in front of G-d.

And Quran:

وَأَنَّ الْمَسَاجِدَ لِلَّهِ فَلَا تَدْعُوا مَعَ اللَّهِ أَحَدًا ﴿۱۸﴾Mosques belong to Allah, so do not call to anyone else, other than Allah. (۱۸)

This says not to pray to other than G-d in mosques, may be generalized. The Shia mosques is not so pure either, & very political. Iran's Khomeini - a Briton's Spy- even worsened mosques, though, Shiaism is bad with or without him..


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    It is against the laws of reason and intellect to elevate inferior individuals over far superior ones - whether in the political realm or otherwise, such an action is equivalent to intellectual suicide. Let us summarize why it would be a shame to even compare the likes of Abu bakr; Umar and Uthman to Imam Ali (a.s):

    1. On the day of Ghadeer, a few days before the martyrdom of the holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he (the Prophet) gave a speech in front of over 120,000 Muslims. The speech of farewell concluded with the holy Prophet (pbuh) raising Imam Ali (a.s)'s hand and stating: "Whoever I am his master; ALI is his master".

    2. While the majority of Muslims fled at the conclusion of the battle of Uhud (second ever Muslim battle), Imam Ali (a.s) stood among a handful who stood alongside the Prophet and fought one legion after another of the Pagan opposition. Among those who fled were Abu bakr and Umar.

    3. ALL doors leading to the holy Mosque in Medina were closed by order of the holy Prophet, except the door of Imam Ali (a.s).

    4. Following the Muslims' hijrah from Mecca to Medina, the Prophet ordained that each Medinian take a Meccan as a brother. The brother chosen by the Prophet was Imam Ali (a.s) despite them BOTH being from the Meccan travellers.

    5. While ALL Muslim men were trembling in fear at the voice of the robust Pagan warrior Amr. b Widd, it was the young Imam Ali (a.s) who fought and laid waste to the Pagan hero with a single blow. No voice came from Abu bakr, Umar or Uthman on that day. That day was so epic that Allah (swt) spoke of the fear of the Muslims in Surah Ahzab.

    6. It was Imam Ali (a.s) who killed Marhab and Harith - the two Jewish warriors. It was HE who knocked down the gate of Khaibar single-handedly while the false Caliphs failed time and time again.

    7. It was Imam Ali who was chosen to marry the holy Prophet's only daughter, Fatima (a.s). Muhammad (pbuh) could find no other suitable for such an honour.

    8. It was Imam Ali (a.s) who was the first Muslim. He never bowed down to pagans and false gods while the false Caliphs had a history of paganism.

    9. The first 3 (false) Caliphs constantly gave credit to the holy Imam Ali for his superior wisdom as their advisor, with such famous quotes as: "May Allah (swt) never leave me in a difficult situation without the presence of Ali" and "Without Ali, Umar would perish."

    10. It was Imam Ali (a.s) and his wife and two children, Hassan (a.s) and Hussain (a.s) who were given the exclusive honour of the title of Ahlul-Kesai - the people of the garment - i.e. strictly and specifically chosen to be the closest to the holy Prophet (pbuh).

    These ten virtues are only a handful among thousands that prove the Sunnis misguidance in elevating the false Caliphs over the rightful Imam and leader of the Muslims. It is a source of grief and bewilderment to see over a billion Muslims today absolutely blind to the truth that is as clear as the sunshine to see.

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    Salami. Yeah sure why not.

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