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Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 9 months ago

is it a tooth infection or just sore?

my jaw and top back molar started hurting this morning, both at the same time. it doesnt hurt terribly, i can definitely stand it and it doesn't distract me that much, its just annoying, and my jaw hurts a lot more than my tooth does (i have a recent filling in that tooth, too). after i stopped sucking my thumb a few months ago (after many long long years) ive acquired a new habit - teeth grinding. i dont know when it started, but especially when im laying down or busy on my laptop ill grind my teeth. not a lot, and not very harshly, but i guess enough to cause irritation. i also have a habit of flexing the muscles around the top of my jaw. now, what im wondering is, is the pain caused by a tooth infection (there is no visible abscess, but the symptoms seem to align), or is the pain result of my teeth grinding habit?

i do have a dentist appointment on tuesday, but i figured i'd ask around before i get too worried about it

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    Take my advice go and see your dentist as fast as possible before something really bad happens I don't know what it is but don't bother writing and seafood go away be smart act fast

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