Will my hair go lighter? Hairdressers please!?

I went to the salon today, the woman tinted the roots of my hair and then bleached the middle to the ends of my hair, however I didn’t actually get to see my hair physically bleached underneath all the foils since she took them off during the hair wash.. She then put a dark violet dye over the bleached parts and then washed everything off. I looked in the mirror and my hair still literally looks the same (a very dark red that looks black from a previous box dye I did myself). She told me the bleached parts where the violet was, would get lighter since the bleach would be coming through after a few hair washes. I hope this is true because I’ve just paid for almost $200 for the same hair I came in with before!?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    It can go either way.

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