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Do you think it's possible hulkenberg could end up at Ferrari if vettle retires this year?

Many were talking about 'lower' teams like haas , but why not Ferrari, i mean, who else have they got to choose from if vettel quits!??

I think it could happen!

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  • 10 months ago
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    No I don't see it like that. If there's a seat available at Ferrari, I see Hamilton moving across, especially how disenchanted he is with Mercedes at the moment. Which means there could be a place at Mercedes for Hulkenberg? Just guesses.

    • Richard
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      10 months agoReport

      I don't think he will quit now, it's just the media have been so negative about him and almost making his mind up for him type of thing that i thought he might.
      He needed that Singapore win badly,.. They need two strong drivers to challenge mercedes next year

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  • Will
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    8 months ago

    Sorry, but the chances are about zero. Hulkenberg's age works against him. Ferrari will grab another of the young lions when Vettel moves on. Possibly Verstappen, Stevens or de Vries.

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