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How to disable or lock, shutting down iPhone?

SO I have an iPhone XR. Long Story short, I am awful at getting up in the morning, had 3 alarms to wake up for work... my mom came in my room and turned my phone completely off so I wouldn't wake up (yes, she is spiteful), and I went to work 1.5 hours late. Boss was pissed and I almost lost my job. Like, I know on Samsung you can put a lock so when you want to shut down the phone, you need to type the passcode... Is there a way I can put a lock like that for shut down, but on my iPhone? Or perhaps disable the ability to shutdown? Yes I know what I'm saying,I rarely even use that feature except when my phone is glitching badly...which is really are. Otherwise, I don't need the feature. Pls lmk, thx. Tryna prevent this from happening again, so I can have my job!


I'm 17... in HS, chill I'm not a 30 year old man who lives in his moms basement lmao

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  • 10 months ago

    Well if you can hear the alarms or when other come into your room, you need to stop the weed/drugs and alcohol, as I'm sure mom did not walk into your room in the first alarm going off and you hitting snooze.

    Here is a better option to locking phone. Put a lock on the bedroom door or put the phone in a lockable cage/container.

    Also your alarms shloud Not be annoying outside of your bedroom with the door closed, if so, time for your 17yr old *** to pay for a solid door, and wall sound proofing (or move out).

    And your boss had a right to be mad at you., not being smart enough to figure out a way to wake up and get to work on time, as your 3 alarm system is not working, and we all know know this is not the first time you have been late for work, with no interference from your mom.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Jesus Christ, you seriously need to find a place of your own. What kind of mother would intentionally turn your phone off so you will be late for work?

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