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Could i still be pregnant?

So i was 11 days late on my period this month. Its been lighter and pretty watery compared to my normal cycle and ive had no cramping or clots at all. Im only on day three and its barely making it onto the pad now. I know when i got pregnant with my son i had the same thing (bleexing for two or three days before it turned into spotting but i wasnt super late with him as far as i remember) i got all negative tests before i started bleeding but could i be pregnant again? Should i retest?

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    Get retested! You already experienced something similar with your son and it is not uncommon to experience a light "period" after conceiving. This "period" is caused by the implantation of the embryo to the uterine wall.

    Long story short, get retested to make sure!

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    You got your period. That means not pregnant.

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    In order to "Still be pregnant" you would need to be pregnant to start with.

    You're having a period which always means not pregnant.

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    Negative means not pregnant

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