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Banana asked in Science & MathematicsMedicine · 11 months ago

Why is aspirin not safe to take during pregnancy?

Aspirin is always my go-to Headache body pain reliever I don't like I don't like taking Tylenol I also take Alka-Seltzer for my allergies which I ask my doctor about a long time ago so I know that that's okay normally. Alka Seltzer has aspirin in it. So I now can't take my regular pain reliever and I can't take my allergy medicine and I can't take my headache medicine so what I'm wondering is why aspirin is so dangerous during pregnancy because I can't find any answers that seem reasonable they're all totally different has anyone taken aspirin while pregnant?

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  • JayM
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    11 months ago

    According to the Mayo Clinic, low dose aspirin (60-100 mg) is sometimes prescribed to women who suffer from recurrant miscarriages or preeclampsia, but higher doses taken during the first trimenster ma result in miscarriage or congenital defects. Higher dose aspirin taken during the third trimenster can result in the premature closure of a blood vessel in the fetal heart, and may also increase the risk of bleeding into the fetus's brain. Before taking aspirin during pregnancy, talk to your doctor and ask about alternative, potentially safer drugs to relieve pain.

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    According to The Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country, Aspirin can have very negative effects when taken during pregnancy, from pregnancy loss, congenital defects, and damage to the fetus's heart valve. Ask your doctor about substitutes. Right now, you need to focus on the baby's health--one of the many sacrifices you may need to make as a future mother.

  • 11 months ago

    Aspirin is a blood thinner and that means blood would be slower to clot. 

    I don't see how aspirin can help allergies... 

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