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The local theater has three types of seats for Broadway plays: main floor, balcony, and mezzanine. Main floor tickets are $56, balcony tickets are $31, and mezzanine tickets are $30. One particular night, sales totaled $75,145. There were 256 more main floor tickets sold than balcony and mezzanine tickets combined. The number of balcony tickets sold is 336 more than 3 times the number of mezzanine tickets sold. How many of each type of ticket were sold?

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    This should have been asked in science/math section, but I think I can help.

    First I assigned A as number of main floor seats, B as number of balcony seats, and C as number of mezzanine seats sold. We can set up several equations:

    A*56 + B*31 + C*30 = 75,145;

    A = B+56;

    B = 3*C+336,

    3*C = B-336,

    C = B/3 - 112;

    The idea is to reduce the first equation to a single variable, A, B or C.

    Therefore, we can substitute (B+56) for A, and we can substitute (B/3-112) for C.

    The first equation becomes:

    (B+56)*56 + B*31 + (B/3-112)*30 = 75,145;

    56B + 3136 + B31 + 10B - 3360 = 75,145 --- collecting terms;

    97B - 224 = 75145;

    97B = 75369;

    B = 75369 / 97 = 777 (tickets sold in the balcony) ;

    Use this value with the other expressions to determine other seats sold.

    A = B+56 = 777+56 = 833 seats sold on the main floor;

    C = B/3 - 112 = 777/3 -112 = 259 - 112 = 147 seats sold in the mezzanine.

    Now we can check by putting these numbers into the first equation:

    833(56)+777(31)+147(30) = $75,145 … answers confirmed correct

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    You'd get better answers if you put this in the "Homework Help" or "Mathematics" sections.

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    Hmm let’s see . Ask your teacher

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    Just create equations with 3 variables using the stated facts.

    X = main floor

    Y = balcony

    Z = mezzanine

    For example

    56X + 31Y + 30Z = 75145


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