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Just started doing weights. I’m so weak :(?

I’m a 31 year old male. I have rarely been to the gym ever. Not really done weights before. I used to do alot of football so i was once a upon a time relatively fit. But muscular? No. I have got out of shape in these last few years and thought i would start heading to the gym. I have a friend who goes alot and he is helping me. He does know i’m a noob and weak so he is taking that into consideration.

But the problem i have is i am so god damn weak. I have to use such low weights it’s embarrassing. After a few sets of training arms for example, i can hardly lift anything else. Like it doesn’t matter how heavy the dumbell is i struggle to just lift my arm up with no dumbell!

Is this normal for someone who has never used weights before? Shall i just keep at it and my body will get used to it?


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    Yes. Forget about being embarrassed. If you focus on that you will only want to quit. You are fortunate to have a friend for guidance. Take full advantage of that and you'll be better off for it. Good luck!

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    yes it is normal. Keep at it and you will gain strength.

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    I have been working from last eight months & I still can't perform barbell row. I don't do deadlifts either. I started my bench press with just road and it takes me 5 months to lift 80 kg of bench press. It will take time but you will reach there. My suggestion is use the ez bar for biceps curl instead of flat barbell.

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    Just keep at it, and don't compare yourself to others.

    You will get stronger little by little. 

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  • gerald
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    11 months ago

    its a shock to you its what happens we like to think things that make us happy and you are embarrassed in front of the others its life you can build up if you really want to and its not just a whim to please your ego take it on the chin till you can stand up

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