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Cocaine in monkey whiz? (Fake urine)?

So my friend accidentally posted a video on his Snapchat story of him and my sister smoking weed and his boss saw it and so he had to take a drug test. He already had monkey whiz which is this fake urine you can buy from a head shop. He gets to the testing center and he uses the fake urine but cocaine shows up. Mind you he’s never used cocaine and plus he used the fake urine. They ended up sending the fake urine to a lab so either way he’s screwed because they’ll find out it’s not real urine but what I don’t understand is why cocaine would be detected in store bought piss. It’s an anomaly! Can anyone explain this to us?

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  • Justin
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    11 months ago
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    Many labs can't tell the difference even when testing the 'fake pee' because it is manufactured to have the same compounds and concentrations as real urine, that is the whole point.

    I seriously doubt that anyone actually detected 'cocaine' in the fake pee. It is more likely just an excuse to do more thorough testing at the lab because someone suspects something. That lab will find nothing, or the results will be 'inconclusive' so your friend might just have to retake the test. The only other possibility is that someone intentionally sold him tainted urine or the lab itself screwed up and switched the samples. Neither of those seem very likely.

  • geezer
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    11 months ago

    What I want you to explain is how do you ''ACCIDENTALLY'' post a video of yourself smoking weed ?

    No, actually ..

    Let's go back one step further and ask why he even recorded the video in the first place !

    Did he think it was clever .. or funny ?

    Well, he's not laughing now, is he ?

    .. and then using 'fake urine' contaminated with cocaine !

    It gets worse and worse.

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