Should I remove notes and page markers from used textbooks?

I currently have four business-related college textbooks with numerous page markers and a plethora of notes -all created by the former owner. Would it be smart to keep all of those? Or should I remove them so I can have a clean copy for myself?

I bought the textbooks from a mentor of mine as a joke during a financial literacy class, last year in high school as a Junior. Coincidentally, it turns out that the textbooks could be relevant to the college courses I will be taking next year.

I know that these books may not even be used by the courses, but for reference, what should I do?


1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Find out what kind of grades the former owner got in the classes the books were purchased for... If the person got all "A"'s, might as well use them - all "C"'s - maybe not.

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