Gestational Diabetes?

Good morning,

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I am 7 1/2 months. Currently keeping my glucose in check but a diabetes nutrition gave me a food guide that I should follow

It contains 2 pages in which I find foods grouped under starch, fats, etc. For example for breakfast I am only to eat 1 starch, 1 fat and 2 proteins that I can chose from each column

I find it quite dificult because the majority of those foods

I do not consume. Therefore, I always end up having a piece of toast with peanut butter

Is there any website that I can find more food options? I have googled but it provides lists of low starches, high starches without an actual list for my condition.

Any help is well appreciated

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  • 11 months ago

    Good morning,

    In response to the gentleman who took the time to provide a comment.................

    Like I was trying to say before my phone decided to submit my unfinished comment. A forum is for those who seek advice of those who have most likely gone through the same experienced as one. Perhaps someone has had better eating habits then I did and can suggest a helpful advice.

    It's obvious you came in to the forum to vent and did not even bother to read my question.

    I understand what I have to do regardless of my own needs, but as a refresher. My question was mainly if there is any website that can offer more options than just 30 food items on a list. Which I am pretty sure that was just an example from the nutritionist. I am intending and doing all possible to take care of my child and myself.

    I understand the freedom I have and do not have in regards to this matter, but if you think about it. You could have said exactly what you said with a better choice of words and leave your personal anger where it belongs.

    So because of your name I assume you are a sir....SIR, have a wonderful day and hope your day goes better!

  • Marc
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    At this point you are no longer under the freedom to have a choice about what to consume. You are eating for yourself and your unborn child. This is about health and survival. So eat the damn food on the list and follow the doctors instructions. I dont understand how people like you can go to a doctor, take the time and spend the money only to disregard what the doctor says. WHY EVEN BOTHER GOING AT ALL IF YOU ARE GONNA DO WHAT YOU WAN ANYWAY? Stop being a selfish dick and suck it up for a couple of months. After the baby is born you can go back to eating however you want. You and your babies life literally can depend on the choices you make about what to put in your mouth!

    EDIT: Im quite sure that you were reffered by your PHYSICIAN to a nutritionist. So your point is moot about the nuttritionist not being a doctor. You were diagnosed with gestational diabetes by a physician. So my point still stands. Follow what the person told you because you are pregnant with another human being and that life as well as your own can LITERALLY depend on it. Im sorry if you dont like my tone but thats too bad. You dont like what you hear...too bad. I am a physician myself and I dont get to speak to people this way in my practice. I have to be "nice". I dont have to be nice here. I see people do stupid stuff to themselves every day and live with the consequences. I can freely express my passion here. You dont like it? Get off the internet and walk into your physicians office and have a conversation. Stop being a baby. Im concerned for the welfare of your and your unborn child.

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