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Why does college make me MISERABLE?

I'm 25 years old Civil Engineering major. I just transferred to a University this semester and I'm losing it. I took my first statics test yesterday and I know I failed. I'm gonna have to drop the class and take it again next semester. This is my 3rd year of college and nothing is different. I am in a constant state of stress/overwhelmed. During the semester, or anytime during the summer when I'm thinking about school. I cant get this frown off my face. I sit down to study and my heart starts racing. I don't enjoy life. I can't hold a conversation unless it's me spilling my depression onto some random person. I cant get interested about anything. I neglect things I need to do. I lost my license 8 months ago still haven't replaced it. I own a car that I wanted since I was 15 yet I neglect basic maintenance. I have a CDL in my pocket because I used to be a trucker, and everytime I look out the window in class I'm day dreaming about being out in the middle of ******* nowhere by myself driving a semi. I know trucking isn't a career. I know I need a degree. I'm just so pissed off and mentally unhealthy. 

I am living with some friends from HS and they are really trying. They love me and I believe I'm in the best situation I can be. If I make it through, it will be because of them. Does every college student go through this. Will it get better after college. I want to get this degree but I don't want to be 28 when I'm graduating, and be a broke miserable piece of ****.

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    Do you like what your studying?? It doesn’t seem like it. I truly believe that studying isn’t the worst thing when you’re in a major that you genuinely are excited to be in.

    It really does sound like you need to make changes.

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    To turn studying into a game, follow this advice.

    Studying will become fun for you - with no stress.

    From the dollar store, get file cards... the kind made for a rolodex. They must be this kind, because you will need to shuffle them.

    - When you're in class, pay attention and keep your textbook open to where the teacher is speaking. Put a check beside the paragraph that s/he is referring to.

    - At home, read the paragraph beside the checkmark again and create a question from it. Put it in terms YOU can clearly understand.

    - On the front of one of the rolodex cards write the question.

    Put the answer on the back.

    - Repeat until you have 20 or 30 cards for a chapter from your text book.

    - PUT THE BOOK AWAY and test yourself.

    - Ask yourself the questions. Make two piles - the “i know it” pile and the “I don’t know it” pile. You must know the answer immediately for it to go into the 'I know it' pile.

    Shuffle. Repeat.

    Keep doing this until all the cards are in the "I know it" pile.


    Or word will get out and you won’t look like a genius.

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    You are miserable because you either don’t enjoy what your doing or because you don’t like the poor college student life and constantly studying for exams or both all of the above

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    If you just transferred to a university from community college, there's a possibility that the math requirements might be overwhelming for you. But don't give up. One of my friends in university worked his butt off just to get Cs in all the math classes. And he's now a successful mechanical engineer.

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    It sounds like a year off to recharge your batteries might help.  That's what I did and it worked for me.  I kind of flamed out in my first year of university, so I took a year off to go work in a sawmill.  And even though I actually liked doing the physical work it served to revitalize me and I went back to university with a whole new attitude and new energy and I finished it off (and I switched from Chemical Engineering to studying what I was actually interested in).  That worked for me but you have to figure out what is best for you.  

    Life is full of challenges and sometimes you have to keep going straight, sometimes you have to go around, and sometimes you have to find a new path.

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