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Will having a dependent on my tax return aka 2 family size but having a family size of 1 on my 1095A/form 8962 cause me to be audited?

Not worried about getting less credits because dependent isn’t listed, just want to make sure I won’t be audited?

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    1 year ago

    To avoid discrepancies, FOLLOW the instructions on the form.

  • 1 year ago

    There is no way to guarantee you will not be audited.

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    Any time there is a discrepancy between forms, there is an increased risk of being audited. But keep this in mind. The letter you get from the IRS asking you to explain a small discrepancy, or asking you for additional information or supporting documents, IS an audit. The vast majority of audits are done by mail. Very few audits are the one you fear, the 'We're coming to your house and going through your whole life, line by line.'

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