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High school advice?

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I've been in high school for two months so far. Freshman year I didn't have any friends, which made me miserable, which is why this year I wanted to try and make friends. The only solid friend I was able to make this year is a guy named Keith. Keith used to pay attention to me a lot until he met my old middle school friends and I can only talk to him when he isn't with them. I want to talk to my middle school friends, but I feel like it'd be stupid to do that.

I've tried everything from sitting with people at lunch, to talking to classmates, to even a joining a club, and so far nothing has worked out. Although I've been at my school since 6th grade and I have a few acquaintances here and there, sadly everyone already has their own groups and no one is interested in talking with the kid sitting alone. I'm quiet when I don't know someone, if I have a friend I throw around a few jokes and I'm pretty chill. I don't know how to make friends when there are barely any new kids at my school, and when everyone already has their own groups. I just feel like I'm different from all the kids in my school. I don't know what to do...

Also, high school overwhelms me because the teachers give so much work, it's unbearable. Because of all the work they give me, I barely have time to do the things I want to do. I have to do homework every day. I can't ever have a break. I'm just so tired and stressed about everything, I don't know what to do. Advice?

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    You have two issues to deal with: lack of friends and feeling overwhelmed by academic pressure. I would highly recommend that you seek counseling at your school, where someone can assist you with both issues. You might benefit from some tutoring, or taking a lighter load, or switching to a different concentration, for example. As for lack of friends, all you really need is one good friend ! Don't feel its inappropriate to connect with your old friends, they can be your best bet. Keep on joining special interest groups, you will sooner or later find people with whom you can share a common interest. Try volunteering somewhere, e.g., an animal shelter, try going out for the sport of your choice, and take heart. Have patience, this too, will soon pass, just like a kidney stone. Good luck and good wishes,

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    Ok you’re going about this entirely the wrong way! People USUALLY only wanna be friends with people who already have friends. If you seem to have no friends, then it’ll make people feel like they’d be weird to talk to you.

    So with that said- You SHOULD be hanging around your old middle school friends! (They came to high school with you, right?) That way, people will all see that you have friends. And when you have friends, OTHER people will then ALSO wanna be your friend.

    Be confident, love yourself, seem genuinely interested in others, be friendly, find things in common, be cool. But start off with hanging with your existing middle school friends first. There’s no rule that says you need to ditch your friends once you get to high school. That’s a terrible, horribly stupid idea.

    And even popularity aside, it’s terribly disloyal for you to abandon the friends who were there for you all through middle school. It makes you look like a backstabber or someone without loyalty/friendship

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