I dont't like Richard Gere at all?

Update: He's one of the most unpleasant people in the world.
Bad, angry, paranoid, aggressive.... one who has succeeded in the vein of his congenital sexuality as wore.
Don't you think that you give too much credit to people who don't deserve it at all?
Update 2: Why are people not capable of evaluating people?
Why they give credit to the low instincts aroused by an actor and a shitty person like Richard Gere?
Update 3: @ who answered: you didn't give me the time to finish the question...
Update 4: @audrey: prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... to Richar Gere: in any occasion, in any time.
He is **** to me.
Update 5: I understand the dynamics of success and how unjust they are, and how he is a proof of this.
He is only a whore: that's why they like him...
Update 6: I do not know what the old stoned person can do ,I completely disregard what he does
because I don't believe that people are able to appreciate true talent they prefer only its càzzo which is the real reason for his success...
Update 7: of
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