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My mom and her siblings are about to have a brawl over a piece of property, how do I show her family I still like them?

It’s the usual fight over property rights now that the grandparents of died however they all agree on the property and the role is simply over who gets to decorate it. My mother has an addiction deck to decorating and having a whole Lotta furniture around everywhere, her siblings don’t like that style decorating.

Last time they had a fight over this everyone avoided me because I was the offspring of my mother. I am terrified that’s going to happen again. What do I do?

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    They are acting like children. And you can tell them me (a total stranger) said so.

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    It is NOT your brawl. It is the fault of the grandparents not to make out a will that CLEARLY STATES WHO GETS WHAT. The kids are all greedy for their share. and they can't seem to split it evenly. What is done in some cases is the property is sold and the money is split evenly amongst all the children and that is that.

    . When houses are sold, there is not a stick of furniture in the buyers are not buying the furniture. They are buying the structure and the land it sits on. The rest is JUNK

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    Get them some presents. Assault rifles perhaps?

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