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How late does plan b make your period ?

I took the plan b 4 weeks ago . Last week, I spent hours vomiting at night and fine the next morning. This weekend I’m queezy and sleepy.

What’s your experience and when did your period come ?

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    There is no 100% guarantee Plan B is going to work every time all of the time. If you're that late on your period and having symptoms of being pregnant it's very likely that you are pregnant.

    Give it 2 more weeks. Use an over the counter pregnancy test. If your 'friend' is 6 weeks late and still hasn't come it's time to see a doctor at that point. There is a chance you're not pregnant and something else is going on that's causing it to be late, but chances are it's the natural reason for that cycle to stop - you have a life inside of you.

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