Regarding 4 day work weeks (10 hour shifts)- when in the process of getting the job should I bring up "is over time necessary?"?

I worked a few full time jobs on a 5 day work week jobs, and often the company requires me to come in an extra day on Saturday in addition to having me say an extra 1-2 hours on regular days.

It was pretty tiring for me, but what I did learn was that I wouldn't mind working 10 hour shifts, if I get a 3 day weekend.

I seen a couple of listed jobs who put in big bold letters "Have a 3 day weekend, every week with our 4 day work week." I am just afraid that what might seem like a dream schedule turns to something else as they ask me to work overtime into 12 hours, and make me come in a 5th day.

So say during the interview process, How would I bring up the fact that I would not want to work overtime at all, and stay good to their advertisement.

(At my last job, they ask me why i would not want to come in on the 6th day for overtime, I said that I want to relax and spend time with family, and it seem to not be a good enough excuse for them, so they constantly hit me up, and complain at work for me to go in and not be lazy)

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  • n2mama
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    I worked for a company that was on a regular 4/10 schedule. For about 7-8 months of the year we had three day weekends pretty much every week. During the busy season, we often had a fifth and very rarely an occasional sixth day.

    I would not recommend asking if OT is necessary or required, because that makes it look like you don’t want to work any OT, which could cost you the opportunity. By the same token, saying that you are used to OT could be interpreted as you desiring OT and the money that comes with it, so if they don’t do much overtime, they could think you wouldn’t be interested.

    You could say that you see their ad states a 3 day weekend every weekend, and we’re wondering if that was seasonal or year round.

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  • Judy
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Fair to ask in an interview.

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  • 5 months ago

    You are free to discuss overtime during the interview. Just don't make it sound like you aren't willing.

    How do you bring it up: I'm accustomed to working overtime. With your 4/40 schedule how often can we expect to work overtime on a standard workday and how does it work? How often does overtime occur on the fifth day or over the weekend?

    - then whatever they say, you respond in a positive manner --

    if they say rare overtime, you can respond "As I said, I don't mind working ot but it will be nice to have a more standard schedule."

    If they say we work ot all the time you can response "That's what I'm used to, so that won't be a problem". This way you won't lose the job because of your OT response. But if you don't want the job because of the OT, it's completely fine to decline it when the job is offered (it's your choice to decline them, instead of you not being considered by them).

    In my experience, companies that do 4/40s, don't do a lot of OT or working the 5th / 6th day.

    Of course, it's unlikely they will guarantee it.

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