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I'm 13 and I don't have a phone :( Is this normal?

Ok so I'm 13 years old and I don't have a phone. All I have is a rusty old laptop that barely even works. I see all my friends with big iPhone's and shiz and I have literally nothing. "Hey Kate! What's your phone number?" "Oh well the thing is.. i dont have a phone :)" I always have to tell people that and they make fun of me for not having a phone. They ask what my tiktok is, my instagram, my snapchat, what my number is. I tell them i dont have a phone so i dont have social medias. I know i shouldnt be this upset but I AMMM! I dont feel like i fit in :( I cant even go to sleepovers anymore because my friends are all on their phones and all i do is just sit and do nothing!!! they dont even TRY to include me!! oh, and my parents? they wont let me get a phone. They say i might not even get a phone until im 18 :/ so yea. is this normal? because i just want to fit in :( and not get judged for something i cant control. thanks


And i wanted to buy my own phone, but they wouldnt let me. They say that "pHoNe adDiCtIoN iS bAd"

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    Why don't u tell your parents u want one

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    Talk to them about it. At your age you should have a phone in case you got lost sometime or in any emergency. Perhaps they'd buy you an old fashioned phone at least you'd have a phone number.

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    It's normal.

    I know of some adults having a phone without a camera. It's a personal preference. People may comment, but they are not perfect either. Some having an expensive phone but cracked screen, some lost their phone, some didn't pay bills, some just have contract phones without having to pay for the phone, some are borrowed phone, some are stolen phones, some are hand down, it's not so perfect like what you imagined everyone buys expensive good phones. Every one has their stories, so no need to compare. You did the right thing by not stealing or making use of a boyfriend to buy one for you, that is a good decision. Don't be tempted, but concentrate on getting good results and in time to come you will get a great job with great pay, by that time you can buy any brand/style/size/manufactured that you earn, instead of using your parents money to buy, those years of money can accumulated interest instead.

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    By 'normal' do you mean typical? In this particular country it's not typical, but so what? How does that change your parent's decision? You will never change their mind by telling them that it's not typical, you'll only change their minds by proving to them that you can be trusted to have a phone without abusing it like your friends do. CAN you be trusted to do that?

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    Is there a way that you can pay for the phone yourself. Or perhaps one of your friends can sell you a cheap phone or even loan you one of their old phones? To Mom and Dad, times have changed. Kids do want sometimes need phones.

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