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Am I registered for the draft or not/how to check?

I graduated HS in June and turned 18 in May. I forget whether it was April or May, but in one of those months the Social Studies teachers passed out voter registration forms to anyone interested that would be 18 by this November. My teacher said that if you were male, it also registers you for the draft.

Anyway, I my dad asked me if I ever registered for it. I said I did because the teacher said it's automatic with your voter registration, but my dad said that that's not the case and that you have to do it within 30 days of your birthday. Well, my birthday was 4 months ago so obviously 30 days have passed. How do I check if I actually registered for it and how ****** am I if it turns out that I didn't actually register in April or May when I thought I did?


I live in NY if that helps

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