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How do you improve listening comprehension in a foreign language?

I am in my last quarter of classes for my Associate of Arts degree in Spanish.

Except for two weeks in Spain my junior year with the Spanish Club and a week's vacation In Cancun this past spring I've not been in a Spanish speaking country.

I've made all As in my Spanish coursework except for a B I made in Cervantes which was the hardest course so far.

I can write and I can read and speak it to bed understood by native speakers. I can also understand them but I have to ask them to speak slowly.

The thing is, when they speak at a normal rate is speed, I'm missing huge chunks of it. If I watch something in Spanish on Netflix, unless I have Spanish captions on, it's like I'm back in Spanish I in HS.

So how do I bring up my lusten comprehension?

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  • 10 months ago

    You said it → listening.. Watch videos, movies, web radios, etc.. In the language you have chosen to learn.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    There is nothing wrong with asking people to speak more slowly or repeat, unless you are trying to eavesdrop. You may want to watch some of the many videos online which are specially designed for Spanish comprehension, or you could try watching children's shows, which tend to be easier to understand. Gradually you will catch on if you continue practicing. Good luck.

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