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How much time do I have to spend with my wife?

I work 8 hours a day. In the evening, I go out with friends. 1 hour or so, then I go to the gym and I head home. She complains that I don’t spend time with her. I’m with her for at least 2 hours a day and I spend most of the weekend with her. Is this not good enough? If it was my decision, I’d spend every minute with her, but I have things to do.

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    It's quality time. Eg making her laugh then laugh together , making her smile then smile together , doing chores with her building up the house together , basically it's just after marrying don't leave her like a flower vase at home. She is your life companion. She is not a maid just to do house chores.

    I mean it is what both of you need. Your needs and her needs have to be met in order not to be tired of each other.

  • Foofa
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    If you're going "out with friends" every night you're not fulfilling most people's idea of married life. TBH you sound a little immature and one wonders if you were really old enough to get married when you did.

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    Oh excuse me for being such a annoyance in your life. She is your wife and SHE comes first before EVERYTHING else in your life. Grow up already.

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    So you're married to your job, friends and to the gym. I see.

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  • 11 months ago

    She need more emotional sex also.

    She express it such way.

    Give her orgasms more!

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Take her to the gym with you, or clear out the garage and create a home gym.

    Source(s): Couples that sweat together, stay together.
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    "...but I have things to do.." Yeah, sure, the things that YOU CHOSE to do for YOURSELF, by YOURSELF. Does that help make things any clearer? You do what you want and she can have what's left. How much of that two hours you do get to spend together is spent preparing and/or eating dinner? Watching TV or Gaming? Is that two hours quality time or two people sharing the space but not much more?

  • Janet
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    You have to ask HER hour much time she needs. Every person is different.

    And if you don't meet her needs, she will end up leaving you.

    It IS your decision. You do NOT have to go out with friends, or go to the gym. You choose to. So stop lying pretending you are not able to spend more time with her.

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