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What's the point of attending college?

The only subject I'm really interested in is mathematics. I'm good at 

it, but I don't like being around people. I looked into entry-level careers 

such as math-tutoring. Even those positions require a 4-year 

bachelor's degree and only pay a few dollars above minimum-wage. 

I don't get it. What I'm asking is: what is the value of 

attending college if all it does is stress people out 

and the pay-off is so little in return? Why are companies

so demanding? Why do people think college makes 

you a better person? I think it turns you into a workaholic. 

Your thoughts? Discuss. 

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  • Vicki
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    11 months ago

    Well, because companies expect too much these days honestly. But some jobs - such as tutor - are counted as a teaching job so they would like to see more than just "high school" on a diploma to ensure that the tutor is going to be well rounded in the subject.

    As for my thoughts on going to college, I think the scope of low-wage careers that "require college" definitely need to be scaled back and reevaluated. For example, my mom went to school for Business Administration - a job you used to be able to get hired for right out of high school and be able to maintain on just a HS degree. While I understand the scope of some jobs has changed, I think it's ridiculous to go to school for this. I'm basically doing my moms job, and this is not what I went to school for....

  • 11 months ago

    I've often thought this question about my situation right now. I find it difficult to stay motivated, but I still earn decent grades. My current course load is not easy. There are times that I feel like I want to quit, but I know that doesn't really solve my problems. Opting not to go to college is not a bad thing, but having a degree can get you somewhere in life. Going to a technical school is also a good route. 

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Just don't go to college. Hang around and work at a low paying job the

    rest of your life. And you want to talk about being a work-a-holic?

    Try making ends meet with two low paying jobs. Good luck with that.

  • 11 months ago

    Because college is often needed to get a decent job. For example if you were to become a doctor or a fashion designer then of course you'll need to go to college for that.

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  • 11 months ago

    The point of attending college is to obtain higher education. Most employers require at least a Bachelor's degree nowadays because the educational standards were increased year by year and it's hard to get a high-paying job without obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Math majors make a good living and you don't have to become a math tutor. There are many doors open for you when it comes to job hunting, with a math major, you can get jobs at many insurance companies and accounting firms. Math majors are in demanding almost everywhere. You should be confident about yourself.

  • John
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    11 months ago

    Allow me to give you an answer, as unpleasant as it may be, and then discuss some of the other replies.

    In regards to yourself, if you don't like people and all you are good at is math, that's not the fault of any college. Nor was your situation caused by the higher education system. You, not the system, have some problems which need to be fixed. You can choose to work on your personality and academic weaknesses if you so desire. I would hope you would follow that path. , Conversely, you can continue to blame vague societal institutions for your shortcomings. I hope you make the right choice.

    In regards to many of the other responses, don't believe them. There are 2 kinds of political extremists. There are a small group of con men, and a large group of their gullible followers. The leaders of the extremists don't really believe what they say about education. They hate higher education because college students are taught to think critically. People who think critically are the biggest threat to extremists and their nonsense. Those who don't think for themselves gleefully parrot the lies they hear from their favorite pundits.

  • 11 months ago

    There are much better jobs for math majors. I know a math major who was heavily recruited by accounting firms, insurance firms who need actuaries, and others. Those jobs pay quite well. She chose to teach math for a while- and was paid more than other teachers because math teachers are in short supply. I think accounting and actuary work is perfect for someone who wants to deal with numbers, not people.

  • 11 months ago

    The point of attending college is too rack up as much student loan debt as possible.

    If you don't mind being a democrat than take any state, federal, or county job you can.

    Even if you have to move to another city or state.

    Once you get in you can transfer to many different departments and jobs and the state will pay for you night school college while you work.

    Here in California state workers are the cream of the crop,,, many have no college, but get educated while they work.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    College is a scam now and only makes you an indoctrinated libtard. Do trade school. It's way better. Get a youtube education and use Google.

    Most "college" graphic either taken from encyclopedias, or is just some liberal brainwashing you fake history.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    To give money to the liberal elite of course!

    College honestly only translates into an increased chance of a job interview, you're better off going to a trade school.

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