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When to move out?

So I’m saving to move out. I’m 24 in December. Rent for a 1 bedroom is literally $1000+ in my city. I have a 18 month old. Currently in college. I share room with my two little ill mannered nephews. I have NO personal space. I’m upset when my sis and her BAD kids are home(yes in their own house), and having to babysit them on all my days off playing mommy to them. Few ppl whose opinion I actually care for tell me don’t move out, others say yes move out, both with valid reasons. I just want PEACE. I’m literally torn & scared. Also I make about $15 an hour if that helps. What should I do, am I moving too fast?

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    Yes moving out is a good idea but it does not sound like you can afford it. Hard to say without your full income + child support. Add up your total gross income & divide by 3. That is the amount of rent you can reasonably afford. If the rents in your area are higher then that then you cannot afford to move out.

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    The desire to have your own space is understandable, but in your current situation it’s unrealistic. Unless you are getting significant child support (and you don’t indicate you are getting ANY), you simply cannot afford to live alone and support yourself and your child. Do you have any other single parent friends you could become roommates with (since most people who aren’t parents want no part of living with an 18 month old)?

    Otherwise, given the cost of rent in your area, you need to make almost double your current income to be able to afford your own place and provide for your child.

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    and what about the baby daddy. How much is he giving you. Legally he has an obligation.

    You are living in THEIR home and it sounds like you hare living rent free - except you have to babysit the kids. It's the cost you pay for your situation.

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      He gives me money. I place it in my child account. I don’t use her money for personal reasons though, even if it’s a place for us.

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    Make nice, and stay home. You cannot survive paying 1/2 of your income in rent. Daycare may take the rest. Then you will not be able to afford college and improve your lot in life, let alone buy food and pay for utilities. Answer: age 30, or when you get married if earlier.

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    Your own place is the right goal no doubt. In the meantime, have a sit down with your sister and work out the kind of authority role you can have on the kids and make it clear to them how things are going to be moving forward. Even if it just gives you a little time each day to be in your own space, it'll be worth it until you can move out if you choose it.

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    If you aren’t paying rent the least you could do is babysit. My parents love to watch my son they spend all their time together. On my days off i get to spend time with the rest of the family too. You move out if you feel on that tiny pay you can make it happen but my sister makes $20/hr, she’s single and she has to come back to our old house because the apartments where she is right now is $1000 a month and she can’t afford it

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    finding a good place to stay in america is so expensive, in europe you can get a 2 or maybe 3 room apartment with that kind of money. Hope you find something soon.

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      True...but in europe, she'd be making less than half her current salary.

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