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How much should someone pay me to shop and make meals for them? (Mainly just make their dinners)?

Alright, so I’m making dinners for this woman 1-3 times a week, and she wants to know how much to pay me for labor. I don’t want to be rude to say a high price but I also don’t want too low of one. She put it on me to say how much she should pay, but I have no idea. For the record these are all keto dinners, so they arnt exactly fast and easy to do. Thoughts?

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    If it takes about an hour, and there is no travel time or expense, $10 - $12 is in the ballpark in a relatively rural area. Double that in NY or LA.

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    Keto dinners aren't difficult to make.... not sure why you think they are. I have been doing Keto for a matter of years and i eat whole, healthy foods. Fatty meats (beef, chicken thighs for examples), fresh cooked or fresh raw vegetables. I eat cheese in moderation, i eat dill pickles, olives.

    It's pretty fast cooking up a steak and tossing a salad together. Or making scrambled eggs with a side of sausage or steak or a little bacon.

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    You should have figured this all out, before starting this agreement. --------- With that said, many grocery stores deliver food right to one's door, but I would charge no more than minimum wage in your area if you are just a basic cook. But if you are an experienced chef with quality skills (and if she has the money) then you could charge more.

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      Actually haven’t started yet, thanks!

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