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I’m alone for the weekend. How do I party and not get caught?

I’ve never been alone before, I’m 17, mom‘s cousin in Atlanta has an emotionally disturbed son who committed suicide so they flown down for the funeral, I didn’t know the cousin real well and never met his children so I didn’t want to go, therefore it’s me and my friends and party! As my brother went with my parents and my sister is at college. I want to have the ultimate party but I don’t wanna get caught, how do I do it in a way they won’t find out?

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    10 months ago
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    Getting caught is the fun part, at least it was in my day. The best chances to not get caught is to not throw the party at your house...for us, it was desert parties but whatever open space you have would work.

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  • 10 months ago

    I think you asked this before, and your neighbors are going to know all about it. Don't you think?

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  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    i wouldnt do it, they'll find out

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