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jack asked in Home & GardenGarden & Landscape · 5 months ago

How much parsley seeds should I grow for a small pot of miracle gro?

Trying to grow some curly parsley and the seed packet does have any instructions or details on it other than words parsley seeds on it written in black ballpoint pen ink and there’s about 2 tablespoons of seeds in the packet which i got for a $1 at my local feed and farming supply store , and I was hoping for the plants to sprout in a week so I also need advice on efficiently and easily growing them . And I don’t want to put too much seeds in a 16 oz clay pot, because I feel like it’s enough seeds for a big garden bed . So would a pinch of seeds be fine what I’m doing ? Is it necessary to germinate in tapwater for a few hours?

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  • gerald
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    5 months ago

    just a pinch will do scatter them on the surface cover lightly with compost spray water and cover the pot with a polythene bag or piece of glass put in a warm spot but I will warn you its a bit late and spring is best you can transplant them when they are two inches tall into the garden 10" apart

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    As the seeds are tiny just try to spread a thin line. You cant.

    The won't be anything in a week. If you need parsley, go buy it in grocery store. As for the stuff you planted once it is established it will grow continuously for years, You want to plant it in a garden bed. Just make a long line 8 feet long. 2 tablespoons is a lot. It is just a spice. You are never going to eat it all. No plant does the week trick. At least 14 weeks to have anything appearing. (Radishes take at least 10 days and that is the fastest vege I know)

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