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Which monarchs sold titles to raise money?

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    Traditionally Kings and Queens rewarded people who helped finance wars with peerages and land. Henry VIII handed out much of the property he had seized from the Church in the Dissolution in this way.  In a constitutional monarchy the government dishes out honors in return for 'political service' or other euphemisms for bank rolling their parties.

  • It's complicated. Historically, only titled people would be wealthy; wealthy titled people were expected to give money to the Crown; benefactors to the Crown might be given a place at Court; and those at Court might improve their titles. The idea of wealthy commoners is really quite recent - probably dating back only to the Industrial Revolution. Since then, ambitious men hoping for titles have donated money to the government rather than to the Crown.

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    Just about all of them. These days the political party in power in government sells the titles, the monarch just rubber stamps them.

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