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Why am I gradually getting more into shawn mendes?

I always thought he was good looking and a nice guy but recently I feel like I'm more attached to him ever since I heard about the Reddit posts about him at school. He according to those was a "weirdo" and I felt more at peace with myself then as i felt like I wasn't alone. I also loved Señorita when it came out as I shipped him with Camila for soooo long but seeing the music video made me really into the song. I never really was a fan of his music but now I'm starting to read up stuff I understand. I read wattpad fact posts and discovered he's kinda like me in the strangest ways and even looked up his MYERS personality type and since then called myself an introvert and was open about it. I do realise we kinda infactuate about people alike to us either personality or looks wise but man, it's uncontrollable. I'm a Belieber and it happened a similar way but with his music then looks etc. JB and Ariana are my #1 inspirations at the moment and yes I was an Arianator since 2017

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