atheists: why are working class people so friendly?

I live in a big city, when I get in an elevator I notice that if the person standing next to me is a builder or an electrician they will usually crack a joke or ask me how my day has been or comment on the weather/the contents of my lunch bag, on the other hand if a businessman/woman is there they will say nothing and if I say anything they will try and ignore it or give a one word answer.

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  • Cyrus
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    2 months ago
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    The white collar class is handled a different way than blue collar in the work field, because people in white collar jobs are expected to manage and perform in a professional level, and blue collar workers are expected to perform on a professional skill. This is why people in WC jobs usually obtain those positions through academia where you only need knowledge of the position, unlike BC where you need skills and experience.

    To finally answer your question lol, people in blue collar jobs tend to be more kind because their humanity is not stripped from them, their jobs are not competitive and they work together, bonding with one another. I've worked both sides before and the job I loved the most was my warehouse job, because I made a lot of companions there. Now I'm a lonely EMD lol

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    • luke2 months agoReport

      well said, I have noticed this when it comes to how workers spend their lunch breaks, most businesspeople eat alone while construction workers will usually go to lunch in groups.

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    2 months ago

    Atheists don't believe any gods exist - that has nothing to do with the friendliness of people.

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    2 months ago

    A person can battle atheism and other sins using the rosary and fasting.

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    There's actually an easy explanation for this. Rich people don't need to rely as much on friends and family to meet their needs. Take childcare as an example. If a rich family needs childcare they just pay for it, but many working class families can't just add hundreds of dollars every month to their budget. Instead, they work out a deal with friends or family to look after the kids.

    When you're rich you don't have to rely on others, so you don't interact as much with others, so you're generally not as friendly towards others. But working class people must be good at social interactions because they must rely on people to help them.Β 

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    ..........., see the power of education?

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