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Do you think Brayden Point re-signs with Tampa?

With less than 8.5 million in total cap space, do you see the Lightning signing Point?

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    I think he most likely signs with them. 1) Bridge contracts make more in the long run. 2) No one is going to give up four 1st round picks to give him a bridge contract, so only Tampa realistically is the only one going to do this. 3) Tampa is loaded, and it only adds to his post bridge value being there.

    If he were to sign a 7 year contract with another team, they're not going to give him what he could get in 3 years because theyre already giving up draft picks. THEN, he's coming out of that contract at 30 yrs old, so he's not going to have the same barganing power he would at 26, and in his prime, with no RFA stipulations, if he had just accepted a bridge deal.

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  • That's a tight number. Rantanen is turning down $8.8mm, and Marner signed at $10.9mm. If I'm Point, I'm wanting something in the $9mm range which means you have to bury someone (I'd bury Shattenkirk in the AHL which frees up $1.75mm). The problem is that Sergachev is an RFA next July and his number is going to be big, which doesn't help when Vasilevskiy's number skyrockets. May have to move some guys.

    • He re-signed at a much lower number than I expected (only a 3-year bridge deal), but the last year is at $9mm (which impacts his qualifying offer, which means he's gonna get paid).

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