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Went from sedentary to very active in a week and o had the most awful period symptoms?

I went from sedentary to very active because I started running 3 miles for 5 days in a row PER WEEK included in the walking/running a total of 10 miles per day at college. Had a massive migraine day before period and nausea and by the way I had my period four days early. Now it's time for the second period after the first one when I started being active. I haven't changed my lifestyle but this time I'm so incredibly exhausted and unreal brain fog but I'm still running the same. What's happening and how do I work around feeling awful?

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  • k w
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    5 months ago

    if you're open to it, go to [ earthclinic dot com ] and type in period pain and read all the options which may help...then choose or not.....I helped moms roommate in the nursing home I asked if she was open to try something else, she had COPD and the among other things they reco'd was AVC apple-cider-vinegar capsules, I had some and just gifted them to her, and instead of being a lump in bed, she was out and about making a nuisance of herself, and I was quite happy for her......

    Source(s): some personal feedback from their reco's
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