Writing a book/visual novel?

Any guides as to how I should write? I'm generally a guy that goes into too much detail and then goes off topic so I'm very cautious when it comes to writing books/novels and I want advice on common mistakes.


So assuming I was writing a horror visual novel (role-playing game in other words) with 5 main characters names A, B, C, D, E. I have a rough profile for each (their personality and stuff). So,

1. How do I introduce the player to the story.

2. Is there any rule of thumb that helps figure out if there is a bit too much chatting going on for one chapter.

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    11 months ago
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    I agree, knowing you tend to go off on tangents, that you need a detailed outline or other master plan and that you stick to it closely. If you were writing it as text, it should be at least five or ten single spaced pages; if it's less, it's not detailed enough.

    You want to break down each scene: what happens, why does it happen, where and when does it happen, who's there to make it happen. Bonus points for how it stems from the previous scene and leads to the next scene. For serious, answer these questions for every scene as you plan and you should be able to write something you can stick to.

    How much chitchat is too much? Everything needs to either illuminate character or advance the plot. Anything that does neither, no matter how well written it is, doesn't belong there. Some writers find they lose their spark if they self-censor, so their first drafts are crazy long and they need to edit half of it out on the next draft. Others find that sticking to the plan and making sure they are always either showing further character development or propelling the plot keeps them where they need to be, so their edits are far less arduous.

    Only by writing will you know what works best for you.

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    I think that bluebellbkk is right: you should read more of what you want to write. All fiction have characters, but those characters have to have a CONFLICT for there to be a story. A takes on a dare by B to go into a cave because A does not want to lose street cred. B, C, and D want to rig a "chamber of horrors" in the cave to scare A. They don't know that E, the monster or mad scientist, lives in the cave. E has to exterminate A to D because they have discovered his secret lair. Each of the five has a reason for his actions, and each wants to be successful. But their desires and actions are in conflict. Who comes out of what happens when it all hits the fan?

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    Why don't you just GO AND READ SOME NOVELS that are similar to the kind of thing you want to do?

    No, I'm not suggesting you just blindly copy them. I'm suggesting that the more you read, the more ways you'll discover of how to deal with every problem that you've come up with.

  • 11 months ago

    follow the above advice.

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  • 11 months ago

    Start withy an outline and then stick to it.

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