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Carlos asked in Science & MathematicsWeather · 8 months ago

Is the Southern Hemisphere of Earth actually warmer in winter ( our summer ) than the Northern Hemisphere in winter ( there summer ) ?

With the expection of most of Antarctica is the Southern part of the Earth warmer in June , July , August (winter season) with Austrailla , South Africa , Argentina being fairly warm in winter .

Than the Northern part with Canada , Moscow , Russia , Japan have at time colder winters and using at the same or similar latitudes in compare

2 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    It depends on lines of latitudes on both hemispheres. The northern hemisphere may appear to have colder winters that us in the southern hemisphere but that may be because a large of part of the Earth's landmass is in the northern hemisphere.

    For example the 60 degree north latitude cuts through southern Alaska, about mid Canada, southern tip of Greenland, Sweden, Norway and about approximately mid Russia.

    Same latitude in the south, cut though nothing but ocean.

    Southern tip of South Africa is at 33 degrees south (comparable to north Mexico),

    while New Zealand and Australia (including Tasmania) are roughly 46 degrees and 44 degrees south, respectively.

    Comparable to northern states of USA or south of France.

    Southern tip of South America is roughly 56 degrees south (same latitude as UK, Canada, Denmark in the northern hemisphere)

    Basically, the majority of comparable latitudes in the northern hemisphere are covered by land while in the southern hemisphere, it's mostly ocean.

    To answer your question, it's neither yes nor no because of the reasons listed above.

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  • 8 months ago

    Depends on the latitude north or south.

    Cold and winter in the north is hotter and summer in the south.

    Sort of a cross in the tropics, not much change as well as a change during autumnal and vernal equinox. Maybe a bit of lag by a month.

    We are 3 days from autumnal equinox now, means about a month, cold will start in the north and warm will start in the south.

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