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Am I in deep trouble?

So I went to a party and I'm new to the whole party thing it was for my gym. And there was this girl there and she like through herself at me and we kissed. She was drunk as well. But all my friends saw us and it's like what now?? I mean do people kiss at parties when drunk?? I don't have feelings for her. This was like the most awkward situation ever someone said I hope you have condoms. What do i do I can never go to the 9.00 gym class because she will be there. She also added mo on Facebook so do I accept her or decline her or ignore her. Do I have to stay away from the gym and all my friends there for a while?? What do I say if they say what did you guys do or what if I see her again because I kind of just ditched her in the end. What can I do I feel so bad please help??


I wish I can go back in time and run away from her. Why did this have to happen

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    Well she was drunk so don't worry about. Partying is about letting loose. You can continue living the life you were living, you don't have to let something so innocent completely change it. People will think you're weirder for letting something like that bother you so much to revolve your life around it. Move on. If you feel awkward about something just remember how much worse something could be and be grateful your own problem can be solved by controlling how you feel and not something more extensive

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    You're a walking example of way dating within friend groups, work groups or even gym groups is a bad idea. At this point you can either face her and continue using that gym or you can switch to another.

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    Yes, you have no idea what people do when they are drunk. Drinking frees people of their inhibitions.

    What do you mean by ‘ditched her in the end’?

    Your friends can try to find something intellectual to discuss rather than your sex life.

    Decline her FB request and go on with your life as usual, gym and all.

    It will be awkward when you meet with, but you can gently brush her off gentlemanly rather than friendly.

    She will get it.

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