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DUMB QUESTION: In the mid-2000s there was this Nickelodeon Christmas advert that was featured on DVDs/VHS?

I scarcely remember which DVDs or VHS tapes had the ad, but it depicted Dora the Explorer, Little Bill, Angelica from the Rugrats, and Blue's Clues singing a variation of the song 'Joy to the World'. When everything wraps up, many of the characters chant something along the lines of --- "FOR FOUR DVDs, YOU GET ONE MORE..." --- I can't remember how the rest goes. It's a silly question ik but I was wondering if someone could specify what I'm talking about and maybe provide a link. It's one of those memorable ads I remember from my childhood but I could never remember which tape or disc included it (most likely more than one). My guess would be a SpongeBob direct-to-video or something along the lines of that. This is something that's been lingering in my head the past few days, any information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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