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What can cause 2005 Volvo V-70 stumbles and misses when idling?

Car runs good- gets good mileage 24/29, but will skip and miss when at idle.

Its been in the shop a couple times for this problem- and it seems to do okay when I get it back..... But within a few hundred miles- it starts again.

Any ideas appreciated.


Gentlemen- thanks for the answers. I'll look into this OBD thing.

Update 2:

Just in case anyone is watching this question: It had the wrong fuel pressure sensor in it and a bad #2 ion coil.

Apparently the previous shop repair missed the issue and put the wrong part in the car.

It cost $1607 and 2 trips at one shop to get it wrong, and one trip to the right shop and $561 to figure it out and get it right.

When it rains- it pours.

4 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    Dont forget injectors, they can pass all tests n still be bad.....just repkace whole set...

    Source(s): Experience....
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  • 9 months ago

    OBDII code reader.... if you ain't already got one, you can pick up a moderately ok one for about 20-30 GBP/USD, or an above average one with slightly better features for about 130-200 GBP/USD (depending where you're asking from seeing as Yahoo Answers seems to bundle all the Q&A's together these days instead of splitting them into regions).

    It also helps to invest in the Haynes manual for your specific model, and poke around on brand specific enthusiast forums such as "Matthew's Volvo Site", as they can often solve problems that even have main dealers stumped.

    Maybe a faulty "Idle Control Valve" or "Throttle Position Sensor"....

    Could be a vacuum leak somewhere......

    Could be a bad spark plug.... the one's on the V70 are supposed to be "long-life" ones, but they do screw-up eventually (my Dad's got a 2001 V70)

    Could also be a bad fuel filter, maybe....

    Possible long shot of the coolant going off.... the stuff put in volvo cars is supposed to be long life stuff, but that goes off eventually... conducts electricity from the earthing on the car, and makes the the electronics go loopy.

    Then of course there's maybe the Mass Airflow sensor getting dirty.... often you can clean them up with a specifically made "MAF Sensor Cleaner" spray that costs about a tenner, otherwise it's a more expensive replacement part. Often a warning light will come on when it gets really bad, but it can still cause problems if it's not quite bad enough to trigger a warning code.

    For more possibilities it sometimes also helps to pop onto YouTube and watch the "ChrisFix" + "Scotty Kilmer" car repair channels, even if you're paying someone else to fix it for you.

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  • 9 months ago

    OBD2 can cut through the mystery of guessing. Pull the codes.

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  • Bort
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

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    • stevo9 months agoReport

      Bort, what the heck is ur problem ?! Its a legit question and we r here to help and learn. For your information the gentleman is an excellent respondant in other YA fields, with years of experience.

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