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Is space time like a motorway with faster lanes for lighter particles?

Pondering the nature of quantum mechanics and general relativity, I had an idea. Is Space time like a motorway, where the slow lane allows for larger particles to exist and interact. and where the faster lanes only allow particles such as photons etc to pass through it. Unlike a motorway however all matter prefers to be in the slower lane. This leaves the higher faster lanes more 'empty' and allow quantum events to occur over theoretically universal distance rather than be limited to local interaction. Any chance I am on the right path here?

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  • 2 months ago

    Not really. Photons interact with matter. So they are in the same lane. Quantum entanglement occurs for both photons and matter particles.

    • chris2 months agoReport

      I agree, I need to study the subject matter more. My basic understanding is not very scientific, rather an instinct for how quantum events occur and why and this is my way to understand how particles can be entangled while separated over great distances, being unaffected by any matter between them.

  • neb
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    2 months ago

    You need to ponder a lot deeper than this. Study and understand general relativity and quantum mechanics. You will find that this makes no sense.

    • neb
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      No, you didn’t annoy me - I just get a little crabby with YA at times. If you have some specific questions about general relativity or quantum mechanics, post them to the forum. Good luck and keep thinking!

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