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what are your thoughts about the classic song 'another brick in the wall' by pink floyd?

when you hear that song played what memories does it bring back? for me it brings back memories of trips to london in the mid 80's, i'm from up north, but i always think of 80's london when i hear 'another brick in the wall' by floyd.

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    It brings back memory of disco. The first time I heard it, I knew right away that it was a disco song. Many artists at the time pay homage to disco by releasing a song or two with the disco beat. For example, Rolling Stones' "Miss You" was a disco song. Disco however died as soon as 1980 came along, even though people thought that rock and roll was history. Rock is still around, but not disco.

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    It should only be listened to as part of the full work.

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    All 3 parts are great. 2 was very divisive, but extremely over played.

  • That was a highly influential song for me, for a while as a teenager it was my favorite song.

    Not just the song, but the video clip. The animated marching hammers. I was a young kid when that song was around for the first time on the radio and on the TV, in the early 80s. It was really unlike any of the other music around at the time, and there was something about it that grabbed my attention. Probably the overt rebelliousness of it. The local high school had an art display based on the Wall album. I saw it frequently because the local library for my area was in the school. Just to put this in further context, I'm talking about Australia, suburbs of Melbourne, around 1981. They made these big foam puppets of the teacher and the hammers and the things from that video clip. And it was the perfect setting for it, because it was a very grey dreary-looking high-school with endless rows of lockers. So that song stayed in my memory, but I didn't re-connect with it until years later, when some friends at high school gave me some Pink Floyd tapes and I became a Pink Floyd fan.

    I adore that song, and I treasure having seen Roger Waters perform it live. I became a guitarist, and Dave Gilmour was definitely a primary influence on me. That guitar solo he does at the end of "Another Brick in the Wall (part II)", is so contextually perfect, and so unique, to me it is one of the finest examples in existence of what a guitar can do in terms of expression.

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  • You can't have your Pudding if you Don't eat your meat.

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    i've never listened to it

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