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What are the purpose of push fittings and a filament guide tube on a 3D printer What would happen if they were broken?

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  • 9 months ago
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    If the printer has the filament feed motor on the printhead (a "direct extruder" type), the guide tube is just to prevent loose filament tangling on things. The tube is under slight tension so a loose fitting does not make a lot of difference.

    If the feed motor is on the machine frame (a "Bowden extruder"), then the filament is being forcibly pushed in to the guide tube, and the other end from the tube in to the extruder.

    If a coupling breaks or detaches on that type, the filament starts to loop out of the gap rather than being forced through the extruder.

    Direct extruders can arguably give better control of the filament, but the printhead is heavier.

    Bowden types have a much lighter printhead but are not well suited to rubbery/flexible filament.

    Examples of the two systems here:

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