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Why is Nintendo categorized as a 'kids gaming system' that only markets to an under 15 year old demographic?

Sony fans remind me of Apple fans, they'll buy into anything Apple/Sony tells them like sheep and reviewers are even worse criticize Sony? Enjoy hell,. Praise Nintendo? Your a child because crapping on Nintendo is kool now and God forbid you move on from 2013 with Microsoft, exiled outright.

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    In my opinion I’d say there biggest games over the years have had a cartoonish look and I guess from some people’s point of view they assume that all are childish and not genuine games. But I enjoy Nintendo quite a lot

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    Looks like some of the answerers don't know that there were 15 Resident Evil games *alone* for Nintendo consoles, with 6 being on the GameCube. (check the resident evil fandom page; there are some that are on multiple Nintendo consoles, but it counts for this purpose IMO)

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    I believe "crapping on Nintendo" is out of style now. With the switch having great sales and great games, no one can really argue that it sucks. The "it's for kids" argument however is a bad one. Anything can be for kids, all consoles games are going to be mostly E rated. Nintendo has recently stopped marketing (exclusively) towards kids, but most people still have the "Nintendo is for kids" mindset due to poor WiiU marketing. I also believe it's do to the fact that Nintendo hasn't ever (minus one GameCube game) published an M rates game.

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    Because their most popular games appeals to a young audience. Even though Pokemon, for example, has a sizable adult fanbase, their target demographic are children.

    Nintendo Switch does have games for older audiences like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but they don't sell as well as Super Mario Odyssey.

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    It's because of the nature of the games that they release. They do games that are very accessible to a child audience. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon... adults like them too, but Nintendo don't really do graphic violence or horror on their game systems. They are going for a broader demographic that includes children, and that's their business plan.

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    It’s funny that you’re calling other people children while making this very childish question.

    Does it matter what is “kool” or not? Does it really mater what Sony fanboys think of Nintendo? This whole thing is childish

    Edit: I take it you’re young right? All I see is people either not caring what others think or people who love all consoles. The whole console wars thing seems to just be children fighting over which is better.

    Well myself and most of my gaming friends play on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox and PC. Guessing we don’t exist right? When you get older, these things don’t become a problem anymore.

    That’s why I mentioned it being a child thing, all examples of this I’ve seen is children arguing. This happens in everything

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    Because that is literally Nintendo's business plan. THEY market towards under 15a. That is THEIR intentional target demographic.

    Don't be upset at other people, its Nintendo who chose to do that. On purpose.

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